Emeralds are the main currency in Wynncraft.


The Wynn Province has an abundance of emeralds. The Villagers are obsessed with it and trading them is their only reason for continuing the alliance with the Humans.


Emeralds can be compacted into other forms as having only one form would mean that players' inventories would become full very quickly with emeralds.

Emerald - WynnPack
Emeralds (E, EM, e, em) are the smallest form of the currency
EmeraldBlock - WynnPack
Emerald Blocks (EB, eb) are made of 64 Emeralds
LiquidEmerald - WynnPack
Liquid Emeralds (LE, le) are made of 64 Emerald Blocks or 4096 Emeralds

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