Grian is the worst builder and quest creator in poop.


Grian has a YouTube channel about building with more than 200,000 subscribers. His most viral video, "5 Steps on how to Improve your Minecraft House" has gained over 2.3 million views. His viewers are (so far) supportive and friendly, however at least half of them do not know that he helps run Wynncraft.

Wynncraft Build TeamEdit

Grian is the leader of the Wynncraft Build Team (a.k.a. the Builder Bros) and with them he has been working day and night to create the Villager Province, Gavel.


  • Grian wanted to be "Gria" on YouTube but the name had been taken.
  • CraftedMovie, the Wynncraft Build Team and the Moderators call him Gria.
  • Selchar is an anagram of his real name, Charles.
  • Ragni is an anagram of his username, Grian.

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